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The top five signs you should call plumbing service for expert drain cleaning include slow draining, backed-up drains, odd noises, unwanted odors and house flies. If you are dealing with any one of these signs, or a combination of them, and suspect your drains are an issue, give Fairborn Plumbing & Drain a call right away! As your local drain experts in Xenia, Fairborn, Beavercreek, Dayton and Cincinnati, we offer prompt drain solutions you can afford and all of our work is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. In today’s modern world, drains are such an indispensable part of our plumbing. When our drains are working as they should, they make our lives easier by taking wastewater out to our sewer lines. Most people fail to realize how much they rely on having fully functional drains until they end up clogging up or flowing too slowly. 

If you need fast and affordable drain cleaning services in the Greater Dayton or Greater Cincinnati, OH area, Fairborn Plumbing & Drain is the company to call. We can clean, repair, upgrade or unclog your drains to keep your plumbing flowing to make sure everything is properly functioning. We also offer hydro-jetting to avoid evasive work. Fairborn Plumbing & Drain is a member of the Five Star Group Family which includes Five Star Mechanical Solutions. Because of this, we can also help with any heating, air conditioning, heat pump and electrical needs you might have. We offer both residential and commercial plumbing services including residential drain cleaning and commercial drain cleaning. If you need help with a drain whether for drain cleaning, drain repairs or hydro-jetting services, give us a call right away! 

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Affordable Drain Experts in Fairborn & Dayton, OH

Do you need an affordable plumber or drain expert in Fairborn, Xenia, Beavercreek, Dayton or Greater Cincinnati? If so, you should call Fairborn Plumbing & Drain today. As a member of the Five Star Family, which includes partners like Narrow Path Plumbing, we are the area’s top-rated, most affordable drain specialists in the Miami Valley. 

Our sewer line repair, drain line cleaning and excavation specialists know all the local codes and state excavation laws. We always use only the top-grade quality equipment to safely access the required pipes. If you end up hiring a handyman or try performing the excavation work by yourself, you could end up hitting a gas line or a utility line and make the problem much worse than it was for both you and your neighbors. 

Drain Services Near You!

Our experts at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain work on sewer lines and drain lines. We service, repair and install drains, water lines, sewerage lines, septic systems, water heaters and all types of plumbing! Our team at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain helps with all types of drain services and professional excavation work. We offer professional excavation services for demolition, new construction, and more. We also offer all types of plumbing services. We perform work on septic systems, sewer mains, water lines, drainage systems, downspout drains, gas lines, foundations, trenchless repairs, and more. Because tree roots and flooding can wreak havoc on your drainage and sewer system and cause issues, we can also clear away tree roots and other types of root intrusion underground with our drain camera technology and hydro-jet technology. If you need help with any sort of professional digging, excavation or drain services, give us a call. 

Some of the services we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain provide include the following: 

  • Drain repair 
  • Drain snaking 
  • Drain inspections 
  • Drain installation 
  • Drain camera imaging 
  • Drain replacement 
  • Drainage clearing 
  • Drain unclogging 
  • Drain clearing with water jets 
  • Hydro Jetting 
  • And much more 
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      FAQ: Pipes & Drain  

      We offer up-front pricing with hassle-free service calls 24/7. We believe in providing prompt plumbing services you can depend on. Best of all, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain promise not to drain your bank account. Give us a call at (937) 240-3116.

      What is sewer and drain cleaning?

      When you think of a drain, what comes to mind? Your floor drain in the bathroom or kitchen? The storm drains under your city street? A sink or toilet that won’t stop draining water? All these are examples of pipes that carry waste products away from your home, with the goal of getting them emptied at their final destination: a treatment facility like a wastewater treatment plant. If you have this type of pipe system in place at your home, it’s important to know that there may be times when it becomes clogged and needs cleaning out by experts like us here at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain!

      Do most homes have a sewer cleaning drain?

      If you have a home that was built before the 1980s, it probably has a sewer cleaning drain. This is the section of pipe that connects your home to the main sewer line and is often located in your basement or crawlspace. If you still want to maintain this part of your plumbing, our professional plumbers can help!

      Do all houses have sewer cleanouts?

      If your home has an old-fashioned plumbing design (which is common in older buildings), then you might have a cleanout in your basement or yard. If you’re unsure where it is, hire a plumber to locate and evaluate it for you. It’s also possible that there’s already a sewer line running into your home from somewhere else in the city. But if this isn’t true—and it might not be—then having access to new cleanouts would be very beneficial for cleaning out clogs and other issues with drains throughout Fairborn city limits!