General Plumbing & Drain Services in Fairborn

If you have ever heard any of the horror stories about how a rookie plumber or an inexperienced handyman has damaged someone’s home or caused problems with a customer’s plumbing system, you probably understand why it’s so vital to make sure you take the time to find and hire a true professional plumbing contractor to work in your home or business. As the Maimi Valley Ohio area’s top-rated team of general plumbers, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain suggest only hiring a professional plumber with proper licensing, appropriate business experience, fair price estimates, good references, insurance coverage and warranty coverage. Most importantly, in addition to all of the above, all our work at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

As a member of the Five Star Plumbing Group, which is partners with Narrow Path Plumbing, we are the company to call for all types of residential and commercial plumbing-related services in Fairborn, Xenia, and Beavercreek, Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati. Because of the Five Star Family, our team of plumbing technicians has been working in area homes and businesses throughout the state for decades. We have a long-proven track record of excellence. Because of our vast general plumbing experience, we have literally seen it all. There’s nothing related to plumbing, HVAC or electrical work we can resolve. Just give us a call!  

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Variety of Plumbing & Drain services in Fairborn

From concept to creation, our comprehensive list of general plumbing services covers everything. We offer general plumbing inspections, sump pump repairs, sump pump installation, faucet repairs, expansion tanks, frozen pipe repairs, garbage disposal repairs, waste disposal installation, gas leak repairs, gas line installation, leaky pipe repairs, sewer ejector services, swimming pool services, outside faucet installations, shower installations, bathroom renovations, bathroom remodels, sink repairs, sink replacement, water heater repairs, toilet repairs, plumbing winterization, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis services, water softeners, ice makers, refrigerators, water lines, washers and dryers, basement flooding services, plumbing repiping, appliance hook-ups, tankless water heater services, on-demand water heaters, conventional water heaters, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, sump pump back up batteries, excavation services, demolitions, professional digs, downspout drains, well pump repair, well pump installations and more. 


Five Star Rated Plumbing in Fairborn, Ohio

Had small leak at elbow in main drain from 2nd floor bathroom. Alex & Dan soldered the leaking joint and fixed the problem instead of saying that the original plumbing all needed to be replaced. It’s good to have an honest repair company that won’t try to take advantage of customers.

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Our technicians can clear clogs from your drains. We handle all kinds of plumbing issues, such as clogged drains, sink drains, shower drains, and bathtub drains. Fairborn Plumbing & Drain also offer drain repair and replacement, with installation and maintenance included. Our customer service representatives are happy to answer any questions you have about your plumbing system or schedule an appointment for a service call.

Water Heater Services in Fairborn, Ohio


We’re your one-stop shop for all things water heaters. Our technicians are trained to identify what’s causing your water heater to malfunction so they can make sure it’s working safely and efficiently before they leave. And because we’re locally owned and operated, our team members live right here in Fairborn too—so they know how important it is that your home stays warm when the mercury drops below freezing!


You can increase the value of your home by remodeling the bathroom. Most people use the bathroom more than any other room in the house, so a large remodel will attract more buyers and increase resale value. If you’re thinking about selling, consider adding new fixtures and appliances as well as updating flooring or walls with materials that are more energy efficient or easier to maintain than what is currently in your home.

Bathroom Repair Services

Plumbing Repair Services

When your plumbing begins failing you and you aren’t sure what to do, it can turn into a massive headache in no time. Plumbing appliances, plumbing systems and plumbing-related equipment work in amazing ways — until there’s an issue and it stops working properly. If your plumbing is in need of the care of a professional who knows what they’re doing but also charges prices that are fair, we suggest calling us at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain without delay. 

Winterization Plumbing in Fairborn, Ohio

Plumbing Winterization Services

If you own a home or commercial property here in Fairborn, Ohio or somewhere else in the Greater Dayton area, it is crucial you find a professional to perform plumbing winterization services before wintertime, to prevent Ohio’s freezing weather from damaging your pipes and plumbing. Failing to have professional winterization performed can lead to water damage and other plumbing problems immediately and later on down the road. 

Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing Inspections in Fairborn, OH

In addition to all the ordinary wear and tear on pipes and plumbing, the long-term settling of your home or building alone can damage pipes and other plumbing fixtures and plumbing appliances. Additionally, over time, grease, hair, and other dirt build up in pipes and coagulate making it difficult for wastewater to drain properly out of your home the way you need it to. No matter what type of issues you’re dealing with, regular plumbing inspections will help. 

Water softeners

Water Softener Services

Water softeners are great for plumbing equipment and appliances that use water. Water softeners remove harsh minerals that are inside your water supply that make water harder and cause damage to pipes and home appliances. This makes cleaning much easier and helps improve the taste of water. Having your water softener installed by us should enable the equipment to last and work for decades provided you remember to update your water filters regularly. 

Bliss Walk-in Tubs in Fairborn, Ohio

Bliss Walk-In Bathtub Installation Services

Do you enjoy taking a nice long bath after work? We encourage you to picture yourself soaking in a nice hot bath after work using a state-of-the-art Walk-in Bath Tub by Bliss. There’s nothing quite like the luxurious and relaxing experience a homeowner gets to enjoy when they use a walk-in bathtub by Bliss. Homeowners who install bathtubs by Bliss give them the highest ratings and stellar reviews. This is because Bliss tends to exceed everyone’s expectations and needs.

well pumps in fairborn

Well Pump Repair & Well Replacement Services

Do you have a home or building that’s hooked up to a well in Greater Dayton or Greater Cincinnati? If you have a well or well pump that needs servicing, repairs or replacement, you need an expert to perform the work. As a member of the Five Star Family, our team at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain has replaced, installed, and serviced all types of wells and well pumps throughout the area. Because wells are comprised of mostly mechanical parts, repair work can be challenging.


Commercial Plumbing Experts in Fairborn, OH

A few of the most essential things to check for when hiring a professional commercial plumber is the contractor’s licensure, experience, availability and locality. This, of course, is in addition to insurance coverage and warranty coverage. If you’re looking for a “commercial plumber near me” in Fairborn, Dayton, Cincinnati, Xenia or Beavercreek, you should give us a call right away. As the Miami Valley’s leading commercial plumbing team, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain offer fast and affordable commercial plumbing solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all weekends and holidays. 

No matter what sort of commercial plumbing work you need to perform, we do it all! No job is too big or too small. Our team of plumbers is licensed, local commercial plumbing experts that live in our wonderful community. We offer all types of professional plumbing services at affordable prices throughout the year.

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Why Choose Fairborn Plumbing & Drain?

A reputable plumber will never offer his or her services at cutthroat prices. Because of this, homeowners and business owners should be suspicious of anyone offering professional plumbing services at prices that seem too good to be true. This is because a reputable plumber knows the value of his or her work and the amount of money that goes into sustaining a reputable company that offers professional plumbing solutions. Low-cost plumbing contractors or so-called handyman services that offer prices that seem too good to be true almost always come with hidden costs. We recommend being very leery of a plumbing expert offering prices that are too good to be true for your own protection! Although a professional plumber might negotiate the cost for their service to some extent, the final price rarely changes after that. 

If you’re looking for a “residential plumber near me” or a “commercial plumber near me” in Fairborn, Xenia, Beavercreek or Dayton you should call Fairborn Plumbing & Drain. We serve homeowners, business owners, property managers and all types of customers throughout the Miami Valley as well as Southwest Ohio and Greater Cincinnati. As a leading plumbing expert and partner with Narrow Path Plumbing, we are state-licensed and bonded with maximum insurance. Our team of expert plumbers is prepared to answer your call for help 24/7 with affordable emergency plumbing services offered every single day of the year. Moreover, every single day of the year, regardless of whether it’s night or day, there’s always a live representative answering our phone lines from our customer support call center here in Greene County. We work out of the former Greene County Career Center, in fact, and we have local plumbers who live in Fairborn and call the area home. Whether you’re dealing with something minor like a drain clog or you need an entirely new plumbing system installed, call us right away! We empathize better than anyone with the frustrations that plumbing problems cause. As a member of the Five Star Group Family, which is a partner of Five Star Mechanical Solutions and Five Star Plumbing Group, we are committed to resolving your plumbing concerns and needs in a timely, efficient and affordable manner so your home or business can return to complete efficiency and your plumbing flows smoothly as it should.