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Sump pumps are one of the most overlooked mechanical systems in a home or building — until their motor fails, of course, at which point we quickly realize we have a problem that requires a sump pump professional. Because sump pumps are usually found down in our basement area, they are usually (as the saying goes) out of sight and out of mind. Because of this, sump pump failure is usually one of the biggest reasons for basement flooding. If you are in need of sump pump repairs, sump pump maintenance, or sump pump replacement or installation, you should call the professionals at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain. Taking preventative measures and keeping your pump running smoothly for years to come will help you ensure that you don’t have flooding and keep your basement dry while giving you the peace of mind you should have. 

As one of the Miami Valley Ohio area’s leading sump pump repair experts, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain have seen everything as far as sump pumps are concerned — as well as any other sort of plumbing problem. If your pump isn’t working well the way you need it to, you should call the experts at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain to check the problem and do some investigation. Additionally, we can also analyze your sump pump closely during our visit and offer you preventive maintenance tips you can perform on your own to prevent issues from developing again.  

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Sump pumps serve as a sort of safeguard that protects your home and your basement from flooding and water damage. If you are suspecting there might be some sort of an issue with your sump pump, you should call the sump pump specialists at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain to have us check and make sure your sump pump is doing its job properly and that it’s providing the expert services it needs. 

We at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain have all the skills and expertise of decades in the plumbing industry. We can help. Whether you need sump pump repair, sump pump maintenance or sump pump installation, give us a call. As a member of the Five Star Family, all of our services are backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment online. 

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We offer up-front pricing with hassle-free service calls 24/7. We believe in providing prompt plumbing services you can depend on. Best of all, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain promise not to drain your bank account. Give us a call at (937) 240-3116.


It’s a drainage system designed to remove water from your basement. It includes a tank where water can collect, and a pump that pumps the water out of the container and diverts it to another location.


You can get water in your house in three basic ways: 1. If your basement rests on a high water table, water seeps into your basement through the cracks in the foundation; 2. Water accumulates around your basement walls after storms; or 3. A pipe breaks and water floods in.


To determine how much water your sump pump can handle, you need to know what type of system you have. If it is an electric one, then it will turn on automatically once the water reaches a certain level. With these systems, it is important to have a battery backup. If your system is manual, then you need to turn on the pump yourself whenever water needs to be removed.