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Plumbing Repair & Plumbing Maintenance in Fairborn, Ohio 

If you’re dealing with issues with your plumbing, trying to be your own DIY plumber might cut it in certain circumstances if you know what you’re doing. For instance, using a plumber to plunge a clogged toilet. Most people don’t require a professional for something as minor as a toilet clogging up. However, there are times and circumstances in which calling a professional plumber is a must. Trained professionals are able to battle all those nasty clogged toilets, leaking pipes and problems with water heaters that are known to destroy entire rooms in a home or building with water damage. Because of this, a person might be inclined to believe they only need to call a professional if there’s actually an emergency. However, the opposite is actually the case. Calling a professional plumber before there’s an actual plumbing can help make a major difference in the overall property damage and repair costs. 

No matter what your plumbing needs, whether you need plumbing repairs, plumbing maintenance or plumbing installation, hiring a professional is essential because professionals are trained to solve just about any plumbing problem no matter how big or how small the job. Not only does a professional come with loads of experience, but they also come equipped with all the right tools and equipment to professionally repair your problem and to stand behind their work. Nevertheless, if you try doing the plumbing repairs on your own or hire a plumbing handyman, you might get more than you bargained for. You might end up having to call the experts in the end to fix what you or someone else couldn’t do properly. 

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Why Choose Us For Plumbing Services in Fairborn, OH? 

At one time or another, whether we like it or not, we all eventually need the expertise of a professional plumber in our home or commercial property. Because the majority of plumbing problems occur suddenly without any sort of warning, finding a local plumber that’s fast, reliable and affordable can seem difficult. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place already. Our plumbing repair experts and plumbing maintenance experts at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain can help you put your mind, and your budget, at ease.  

We offer all types of plumbing repair services, plumbing installation and plumbing maintenance throughout Fairborn, Xenia, Yellow Springs, Beavercreek, Kettering, Dayton and Greater Cincinnati. We offer both residential and commercial services at affordable rates. If you need a local plumbing expert that’s fast, affordable, top-notch and reputable, how do you know who to call? You call someone homeowners and business owners trust and to do this you need to check the plumbing company’s references and/or customer reviews.  


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Had small leak at elbow in main drain from 2nd floor bathroom. Alex & Dan soldered the leaking joint and fixed the problem instead of saying that the original plumbing all needed to be replaced. It’s good to have an honest repair company that won’t try to take advantage of customers.

Lawrence – Huber Heights


Winterization Plumbing in Fairborn, Ohio


Plumbing winterization is indispensable when it comes to protecting your home or business property, especially if you plan to be away from it for an extended period of time during the winter months here in the Miami Valley. Our team at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain have experts on staff who specialize in residential and commercial plumbing winterization services. We can plan and carry out this preventative care based on the specific needs that are unique to your home. 

Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing Inspections

One of the more sought-after plumbing maintenance services we offer at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain is our plumbing inspection services. Using high-tech fiber optic cables and water-resistant drain cameras, our plumbing inspectors can gather real-time footage of your sewer pipes and drains to take care of any problems in the most affordable way possible. Our plumbing maintenance experts can check your pipes and examine the problem areas in your home today!

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Commercial Plumbing

When it comes to commercial plumbing services in Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati, you need to make sure you find and hire a commercial plumber with the experience, state licensure, insurance and all the know-how necessary to handle the job. Plumbing for businesses isn’t something that you want any handyman to do. You need a local professional plumber with all the skills and qualifications necessary to handle your commercial plumbing job!

What’s a Plumbing Emergency? 

Gas leaks: Gas leaks are the most serious type of plumbing emergency we come across. If you have a gas leak or suspect you have gas leaking in your home or building, get outside immediately and get as far away from the home as possible to call your gas provider for help. After that, give us a call as your local plumber and gas line repair expert to come over to check and repair the problem in a timely manner so you don’t have to go without service. 

Flooding: Whether flooding is caused by a problem with a water heater or from a clogged sewer line, water flooding can damage an entire plumbing system, which can bring about an immediate problem that requires a swift professional response. 

Loss of Hot Water: If you lose hot water suddenly and you have an electric water heater, check your building or home’s circuit breaker to make sure the power is still on. However, if you own a gas water heater, make sure everything is working and you have gas. In any case, if you have any sort of problem with a water heater that you aren’t able to handle or aren’t able to get your hot water to come back, call Fairborn Plumbing & Drain. 

Water Leaks: If you notice a musty smell in your home or building, check for water leaks that might be causing this. Musty smells indicate there’s a water leak somewhere. There could be leaks in your water mains, your water heater, your pipes, your plumbing or your drain lines that can go unnoticed for months and sometimes even years. By the time you realize there’s an issue, it can cause extensive damage. Although water leaks can be visible or invisible, they usually indicate bigger problems. The moment you realize you have a water leak; you should call a plumber right away. 

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FAQ: Plumbing Repair & Maintenance  

We offer up-front pricing with hassle-free service calls 24/7. We believe in providing prompt plumbing services you can depend on. Best of all, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain promise not to drain your bank account. Give us a call at (937) 240-3116.

Why is my water bill higher than normal?

Although you thought you budgeted well this month for your utility bills, you were surprised when you got your water bill. If you’re wondering what happened and why your water bill is so high, we can help? If you’re seeing a sudden increase in your water bill or even if you have always had high water bills, this could be caused by several different issues. Some of these things include issues like major plumbing problems, while others might be minor issues that can be fixed with ease if you call a plumber. Whether it’s an issue with a leaky toilet, a leak in your water line or pipe, an issue with your water heater, wastewater or a change in your lifestyle, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain can help you get to the bottom of the increase in your water bill. Give us a call today at (xxx) xxx-xxxx. 

What’s considered a plumbing emergency?

A plumbing emergencies can be anything from pipes bursting, sewerage leaking, valve issues, a broken water heater, or yard flooding. Additionally, a plumbing emergency can include sump pump breakdowns, which can lead to basement flooding, a leak in P traps, faucet problems and other issues. In any case, no matter what your problems are, if you feel like you have a plumbing emergency, call our 24-hour plumbing call center at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain right away. 

What should I do if my toilet won’t stop running?

If you have a toilet that won’t stop running, you should check to see if there’s an excess of water in the tank on the back. Additionally, you can also check the flapper in the tank to see if it is loose, leaking or needing changed in addition to the float valve. Keep in mind there’s a rubber seal that regulates the water levels in the water tank on the back. This seal should seal the tank and only release water when the toilet handle is engaged during flushing. If it’s leaking or it seems like something else is causing the toilet to run, call Fairborn Plumbing & Drain for help! We can discuss it over the phone or send an expert to your home. 

Why is plumbing maintenance so valuable?

Plumbing maintenance is a service homeowners in the Miami Valley Ohio area shouldn’t overlook if they’d like to save time and money while avoiding stress and added costs in terms of home upkeep. The old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply to plumbing in a variety of ways. Regular plumbing inspections can help a person save money when compared to the costs associated with plumbing problems. Ultimately, it can lead to the need for expensive emergency plumbing repairs or have an impact on your health. 

In general, plumbing maintenance is essential because it helps to keep your pipes clean and prolongs the life of plumbing appliances and plumbing related equipment. This also extends the life of your plumbing in addition to greatly improving your water’s quality. The water in your home isn’t merely used for cooking and cleaning. This is the water you brush your teeth with, bathe in, and use for laundry. All of this is greatly affected by your plumbing system. In any case, professional maintenance is an extremely valuable part of being a responsible homeowner or business owner. In fact, ignoring this can cause major problems that are far more expensive to fix in the end. Because a great deal of our plumbing is tucked away out of sight, we don’t always notice if there’s damage. If left alone, pipe damage and water leakage can get worse over time and cause more expensive issues down the road.  

In any case, when it comes to maintaining your plumbing system, it always pays off, in the long run, to be proactive rather than reactive. It’s like any other system in your home or building. Why not take care of it to make it last longer. The small cost for maintenance always pays for itself when you’re looking at the bigger picture. If you’d like to know more about the value of plumbing maintenance, call us today at …