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Affordable Drain Cleaning & Excavation Services in Fairborn, OH

Professional plumbing excavation requires the removal of the soil above a pipeline to reveal the plumbing below in the ground. Professional excavation companies use high-pressure water to remove the soil and then move it to a tank. After the soil is removed, the excavator and plumber will perform a detailed inspection to find any needed repairs. Do you need help with excavation or drain cleaning in Fairborn, Greater Dayton or Greater Cincinnati? 

As the area’s leading excavation team, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain can help with digging up sewer lines and excavating land to prepare to lay new lines. Our team of licensed excavators can repair underground lines, lay foundations and help with demolition. We offer all types of certified, professional digging services using the industry’s most reliable excavation equipment. We are certified and fully insured. 

Additionally, if you’re in the process of building a new home and need a new plumbing system installed, Fairborn Plumbing & Drain can help. From mapping the land and planning the project to the actual digging up of the trenches, our team of experts has you covered, and it won’t cost you more than what’s fair and affordable. We can install the new lines and pipes and perform all types of plumbing. From concept to creation, our team of professionals knows all of the ins and outs of underground plumbing work, pipelines, sewer systems, septic systems and much more. 

Excavation Services

Fairborn, Ohio Excavation & Drain Services

Whether you need line repairs or line replacement, our technicians can create an open-cut trench to expose each pipe for professional inspection. After that, the pipes will be repaired or replaced and the area we dug up will be backfilled to cover exposed pipes. Additionally, if you prefer, we can also fill it back in with compacted stone or sand to prevent settling. Our excavation services include new pipeline installations, pipeline repairs, septic system transitions, line replacement, and more. 

If you’re looking for “drain cleaning services near me” or “excavating services near me” in Fairborn, Greater Dayton, or Greater Cincinnati, you should call Fairborn Plumbing & Drain today. As Fairborn’s local team of experts, we offer all types of plumbing services, drain services and excavating services, including water line installation, sewage line repair, pipe repair, water line replacement, well conversions, drain camera services, pipe imaging services, sewer main services, excavation services, inspection services and more. In addition to free drain services estimates and free excavation estimates, we also offer free in-home consultations.  


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Had small leak at elbow in main drain from 2nd floor bathroom. Alex & Dan soldered the leaking joint and fixed the problem instead of saying that the original plumbing all needed to be replaced. It’s good to have an honest repair company that won’t try to take advantage of customers.

Lawrence – Huber Heights


Drain Cleaning & Sewer Line Experts in Fairborn, OH

When it comes to drain lines and sewer lines, the old saying — out of sight, out of mind often applies. Nevertheless, when something goes wrong our drains and sewer systems are definitely something we think about enough that it can become a headache. 

At Fairborn Plumbing & Drain we encourage you not to allow your drain or sewer problems to become a drain on your finances. Whether your drain or sewer problems are major or minor — there’s only one plumbing expert you need to call. We at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain have you covered. Our plumbing experts are available 24/7 to perform emergency drain cleaning, drain repair, plumbing maintenance, sewer line cleaning, drain line services and sewer line repairs. Our drain services include exterior downspout drains, floor drains, interior drains, storm drains, exterior drains, sewer drains, septic systems, toilets, kitchen drains, bathroom drains, sump pumps and more. 

Toilets, sinks, showers, water heaters, washing machines, garbage disposals, sump pumps, and other plumbing-related appliances depend on our drainage systems to work properly. Among the most common issues with drains that wreak havoc on plumbing are things like food, oil, hair, grease, toys, coffee grounds, and other foreign objects such as dirt, grime, utensils and mineral build-up. Although most of us know that most of this stuff should be disposed of properly in the trash, we still find it along with hygiene products, diapers, paper towels and wet wipes.  

Professional Excavation Services in Fairborn, Ohio

When it comes to skilled work and contractors, you can either hire a professional that is licensed and insured or you can find someone who’s inexperienced, inept and unskilled. Because you take a risk with the latter, you should always choose wisely. And this is especially true when you need a professional excavation expert for your home or business in Fairborn, Greater Dayton or Greater Cincinnati. Hiring a professional excavator, nevertheless, isn’t a decision you should make lightly without doing any homework. When it comes to skilled work in your home or building, there is much at stake. Your property and finances, in addition to your safety, can be affected tremendously if you select the wrong contractor.

Whether you want to add a new underground pool or build an entirely new home, excavation requires expert knowledge, professional skill and expensive equipment in order to perform it efficiently and safely. If you need excavation done professionally, you should find and hire an expert excavation company like Fairborn Plumbing & Drain. We are a full-service excavation contractor serving Fairborn, Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati. We encourage customers seeking professional excavation services to check a contractor’s experience, knowledge, license, and insurance, in addition to their past customer recommendations.

When to Get an Expert for Drain Blockage, Drain Cleaning

Nobody’s drains are forever safe from clogging. Sooner or later, it happens to everyone. Although many of these clogs can be cleared with effective drain cleaning products or the occasional home remedy, others are too stubborn for commercial products and require expert drain cleaning services from a professional plumber. When your drains are giving you too much of a hard time, you should call our experts at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain.

Sometimes, we can easily tell whether our drains need attention or when they aren’t working as well. When our drains are clogged, water takes longer to go down the drain, if at all. If you’re not able to clear the clog, give us a call. Backed up drain flow, odd noises, unusual or nasty odors, excessive flies in the house and gurgling noises are all signs of drain issues.If you’ve noticed these or other strange plumbing systems, call our experts at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain right away. At Fairborn Plumbing & Drain, our drain cleaning procedures are safe for both the environment as well as your plumbing equipment. Using our affordable professional drain services, you can clear your drain while avoiding damage to pipes or corrosion. We offer pipework inspections, drain inspections, drain video, plumbing camera imaging, state-of-the-art drain camera systems, and affordable drain camera inspections. Using the latest drain imaging technology, we inspect your sewer lines and drain lines in a timely manner. 

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FAQ: Sewer, Drain & Excavation  

We offer up-front pricing with hassle-free service calls 24/7. We believe in providing prompt plumbing services you can depend on. Best of all, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain promise not to drain your bank account. Give us a call at (937) 240-3116.

What types of problems can a slow drain be indicative of?

As a responsible homeowner in the Miami Valley, you should never underestimate the seriousness of a drainage problem. Although a clogged drain or slow-moving drain might seem like something minor, it might not be. If it’s something major, it can quickly escalate into a much bigger problem that costs more to resolve. Slow drains often point to a variety of issues, including the early stages of a clog caused by pipes that have been narrowed down due to mineral or grease buildup, or even improper grading of the drainage system. By calling your local drain cleaning experts at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain right away when you notice slow drains, we can help you to pinpoint the source of the problem and correct it before it escalates into bigger issues, including damaged or broken pipes. 

Why is it better to hire a professional to unclog a drain?

Professional plumbers have years of experience and can quickly and easily identify the correct cause of your clogged drain. If you try unclogging your drain issue on your own, you could end up using the wrong type of equipment or using a corrosive chemical, which could actually damage your plumbing. Professional contractors always use only the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

What types of tools and equipment will a professional use to unclog a drain?

After we’ve inspected your clogged drain and identified the problem, we then decide what the best tools and equipment will be to use. These may include drain snakes, cutting devices, augers or high-pressure water jets. Every clog is different, so a drain cleaning expert will have a variety of tools to choose from to do the best job every time. 

How Do You Unclog Drains?

All too often people use corrosive cleaners like Drano to unclog their drains. Nevertheless, we at Fairborn Plumbing & Drain strongly advise against doing this. As one of the Fairborn area’s top-rated plumbing and drain teams, we suggest trying hot water and baking soda first. If this doesn’t work, you can try natural enzyme cleaners. If that still doesn’t work, give us a call. Because harsh chemicals such as caustic soda, Drano, lye, Pequa and other chemical drain cleaners are corrosive to pipes and drains, and because they can get back into the water supply, we recommend avoiding the use of them at all costs. Once in the water supply, even after these chemical drain cleaners are processed and treated at a treatment facility, they can still end up getting back into the water and they can be very toxic. Additionally, the inside walls of your pipes end up getting damaged as well. Natural enzymes are a far better solution if you’re trying to clean them yourself. Natural enzymes are the most optimal alternative to synthetic cleaners and toxic drain cleaning chemicals because they break up blockages in your drains and clean them well without harming the drain or polluting the water.